Whether you are a corporate giant or a home user, get desktops, laptops, printers, uninterrupted power supplies and a varying range of other accessories tailored to your specific use case.

Software Services

We provide a range of software solutions from operating systems to utility software. Be it stand-alone or software as a service, you can bank on valid licensing and current solutions.

Cyber Security

Your data security is the most important aspect in today’s digital world. You can bank on our specialist expertise to provide solutions that shield you from malware and ransomware.

Helpdesk Support

Is a software glitch or a hardware malfunction bring your operations to a halt? You can place your trust in our team of experts to remedy the situation and getting you back to what matters.

Security Systems

Your premises security matters to us. As such we provide a range of access control and monitoring solutions. These include biometric or RFID scanners at entrance and exit points, CCTV coverage and time attendance solutions for your personnel.

IT Communications

Communication is a vital aspect of your operations. We provide a range of solutions from office PABX systems, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing facilities with robust video capabilities.